My art is created intuitively, without any preconceived ideas or planned outcomes for the finished piece. The process might start with an image or particular color palette then my paints, hands and brushes take me on their own journey. I'm always exploring different styles (yes, I'm a Gemini!), and switching between them keeps things fresh for me. I don't need to know what the finished piece will look like, so I can be spontaneous and free. I love watching each painting unfold into an unexpected piece of art.

I'm inspired by the simple, everyday world around me from the color combination on a textile, to patterns and texture on buildings, to the striking beauty found in nature. I'm always snapping photos, ripping pages from magazines or jotting down inspiration taken from the images I see in my daily adventures. These ideas make their way to the canvas in a free-flowing and organic nature. My go-to medium is acrylic, but I often use oil pastels, charcoal, pens and other materials such as paper, fabric or burlap, for extra texture and personality. And whether planned or unplanned, the common thread between all of my artwork is that each piece tells a story.