Art can bring color, character and inspiration to your life, but original art can be a splurge, right? So here's your chance to add a spot of sunshine to that small space, bookshelf or nook you walk by every day! These affordable originals are small in size, but make a big impact!

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< < Fernweh Series > >

Fernweh is German for “wanderlust”. Literally “farsickness,” or “longing for far-off places”; it’s craving travel or being homesick for a place you’ve never been. Why “fernweh”? Well, I’ve already named a series “wanderlust” and I like new words, so I hope you’ve just learned a new word too!

< < Just For Kicks > >

< < Verve Series > >

This series is all about living life with a fearless, enthusiastic spirit. The playful titles, juicy color palettes and loose, spontaneous brushstrokes together reflect that sense of verve we all should embrace.

< < Gather > >

This series celebrates those beautiful moments and occasions that people or things gather together. From the clouds and stars in the sky, to festive gatherings with loved ones, each piece is adorned with circles representing UNITY and colors evoking FEELINGS & EMOTIONS from each unique experience. Click on each gathering to read its story!
The sides are unfinished natural wood; if you prefer them painted white, please note in your payment.