Art can bring color and inspiration to your life, but original art can be a splurge, right? Here's your chance to add a spot of sunshine to that small space, bookshelf or nook you walk by every day! These affordable originals are all 10 x 10” and smaller, but make a big impact!

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This series evolved from the need to take a break from large commissions and just PLAY. I decided to give myself a half hour before digging in to “real work” to play with a new palette (chosen before I set the timer) and push paint around in silence...for thirty minutes, without stopping. As I painted, I listened to my thoughts rambling from topic to topic. The conversation in my head came out in my painting, and gave it a title as well.


Raw, exposed, unadorned. The essence of my Naked Series is a neutral palette that represents not only the naked body, but a palpable look at things in their vulnerable state of bare beauty. View entire collection under ORIGINAL WORKS and WORKS ON PAPER in the SHOP.


Fernweh is German for “wanderlust” or literally “farsickness”. Rather than sit and dream about traveling, fernweh is an actual feeling of homesickness for places you’ve never been. If you have that craving to travel the world, this little series may resonate with you.